Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Daniel Craig on James Bond’s confidence

“…That’s what has always appealed to me about him. Most people who behave in a macho way, it’s bluster. Most of the time we’re all bullshitting our way through life. There are strong people on this planet, but it’s all the swan technique: it looks beautiful on top and the legs are going like this underneath, you know? We’re all like that, and anybody who thinks differently is full of shit as far as I’m concerned. Someone like Bond is, it’s 90 per cent confidence. And that’s an interesting place to play when that gets knocked, and how he gets up and then succeeds. If you have a superhero who, in the first frame is going to save the world, and then in the last frame he saves the world, it’s like, who gives a fuck what happens in between?” More

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